10 Reasons Why Students Should Consider Studying in Germany

10 Reasons Why Students Should Consider Studying in Germany

Germany is a very popular study abroad destination with international students. Around 12% of Germany’s students hail from international destinations and every year students are attracted to its reputation for high quality and low costs. With rising tuition costs in the United States and the United Kingdom, and the average student loan debt nearing around $30,000 to $60,000, it’s not surprising that students are seeking affordable higher education elsewhere.

If you are considering a study abroad opportunity in Germany, we have ten reasons to help you decide.

 1) Germany is Home to Some of the Finest Universities in all of Europe

German universities rank among the best in the world.  The country has over 40 universities listed in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.  The top 5 universities include the LMU MunichTechnical University of MunichHeidelberg UniversityHumbolt University of Berlin, and RWTH Aachen University.

2) It is Becoming Easier Every Year to Study English in Germany

Students can find 1,100 Bachelor’s, 970 Master’s, and 240 PHD programs taught in English, at universities located throughout the country. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers a comprehensive database of courses with the option to look for English taught degrees.

3) Students Can Find Degrees in Most Subjects Taught in English

There is no shortage of degree options available in Germany taught in English.  Students can find degrees in almost every subject throughout the country at most public and private universities. Students can find a range of degrees available in the Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Languages taught entirely in English.

4) Germany Has Become a Popular Destination for Business, Engineering, Science and Technology Programs

Germany has become a huge draw for those who are interested in international business programs. In addition, the strong focus on engineering, science and technology means that the rich education that you receive in Germany will be second to none around the world.

5) A College Education is Considerably Cheaper than Most Countries Throughout Germany

Public universities are financed by the government and charge just a few hundred dollars a year in registration fees. Private universities charge more yet  are still more affordable than universities in the United States and the UK.  Most universities also include a free city-wide travel ticket as part of the registration fees which makes travel throughout the country extremely affordable.

6) There are Many Mature Students Taking Advantage of Germany’s Low to Free Tuition

It can be hard going back to school as a mature student with so many 18-year-olds around. In Germany, however, there’s often a greater age range of students. Many students start their undergrad in their late 20’s or 30’s. Students of all ages are welcome.

7) There are Many Scholarships and Grants Available to International Students

There are many scholarships, grants and fellowships available to international students.  If you are an excellent student or talented in your field and meticulous in your applications, there may be a source of funding waiting for you.  DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service, offers the largest range of scholarships for international students and there are many other foundations with specialty grants.

8) Become Conversational in German While You Study in English

Many students report that they have learned a significant amount of conversational German simply from living in Germany while attending school. Many schools offer students the option of enrolling in a German language course to help improve their conversational skills.

9) Germany is Centrally Located for Students to Visit Other Countries in Europe

Germany’s close proximity to other European countries makes it easy and convenient to travel when school is not in session.  Most major destinations are accessible by airplane or train and affordable ticket prices make weekend trips quite economic.

10) Germany is a Very Diverse Country

Germany is a very diverse country. It is the fourth largest country in the EU after France, Spain and Sweden. With some 81.2 million inhabitants, Germany is also the most populous nation in the European Union.  Germany is very modern and cosmopolitan country and has developed into an important immigration country. Around 16.4 million people in Germany have a migratory background due to the country’s liberal immigration rules.


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