10 Reasons Why Students Should Study in the Czech Republic

10 Reasons Why Students Should Study in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has become a very popular study abroad destination for international students.  In fact, over 42,000 students are currently studying in the country and the number keeps increasing every year.

We have compiled a list of ten reasons why students should consider the Czech Republic as their study abroad destination.

1. The Czech Republic was ranked one of the top five safest countries in the world by the Global Peace Index.

2. The visa process for students is much more economical than other popular study abroad destinations due its low proof of funding requirements. The Czech Republic requires that students have around $9,000 in available funds, while other popular countries require upwards of $12,000 or more.

3. Students will find upscale student accommodations at a very affordable cost in the Czech Republic, as the country enjoys a very high standard of living.

4. Do you enjoy traveling?  The Czech Republic is centrally located in Europe and borders Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Vienna.  In just a few short hours you can visit several different countries in Europe by either air, rail, or car.

5. The Czech Republic is a beautiful country worth exploring. The country is filled with some of the world’s best breweries and fairy-tale castles. The Czech Republic also has a very distinct wine region in Moravia. Students will find that there is a lot to do and see throughout the country.

6. While the formal language is Czech, English is spoken throughout the Czech Republic.   You will also find that many people in the country speak English very well as it is taught to most kids in school.

7. It is very easy to find affordable airfare in and out of the Czech Republic.  With Europe’s low-cost airlines flying into most of the airports in the country, students can find cheap airfare to fly home for the holidays or to visit family.

8. The Czech Republic has 70 universities located all over the country offering a wide range of programs as well as many newly-emerging disciplines.  Students can also find over 1,000 accredited programs offered in English.

9. The Czech Republic’s higher education system is world renowned with 13 universities listed in the World University Rankings.

10. The Czech Republic is one of the most affordable study abroad destinations in Europe, with tuition costs at public universities ranging between $2,000 to 12,000 a year, and housing costs averaging around $139 a week or less.

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