10 Reasons to Study in France

10 Reasons to Study in France

France is a very popular study abroad destination with international students.  Students from all over the world venture to France to study for a semester, year or for their entire degree.  In fact, more than 287,000 international students are currently studying in France.

We have compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should consider studying in France:


1. Higher Education Subsidized by French Government

France is a very affordable study abroad destination for international students.  While education is not free it is very low compared to other countries in the EU. However, there are some administrative fees but they rarely exceed $200.

2. Numerous Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs Taught in English

There are nearly 1200 programs geared toward English speaking students listed on the CampusFrance.org program portal.

3. French Higher Education System Comprised of World Class Universities

The French higher education system is comprised of 77 public universities, more than 200 engineering schools, 220 business schools, and 1200 research universities.  The wide variety of institutions offers students excellent opportunities for learning and research in every subject and at every level.

4. French Universities are Highly Ranked

There are currently 31 French universities listed in the Times Higher Education World University rankings, of which six schools rank in the top 200 schools worldwide:

Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL Research University Paris

École Polytechnique

Pierre and Marie Curie University

Paris-Sud University

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Paris-Sorbonne University – Paris 4

5. Numerous Scholarships Available to International Students

CampusFrance.org has a very comprehensive scholarship portal listing all of the scholarships available for students by home country.  Students can also visit their local French Embassies to find scholarships available to them.

6. Housing Assistance Available to Non-EU Students

La Caisse des Allocations Familiales, or otherwise known as CAF, is rental assistance paid to any person who qualifies by the French government. Since most students in France generally have low incomes and high rent, depending on where they live, it is likely that you may qualify for a small stipend to help pay for rent.

7. More to France than just Paris

If you have travelled around France, you will quickly realize that the country is not represented purely by its most famous city.  The real jewels of France lie in its smaller less touristy destinations.  Cities like Lyon and Marseilles are two beautiful areas in France that are also great study destinations for students.

8. Fifth Largest Economy in the World and Gross Domestic Product 2nd in Europe.

The country’s infrastructure, investment opportunities, digital innovation, research and green strategy guarantee its position at the forefront of the global economic stage.

9. France 4th Most Popular Study Destination After the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia

For the second year in a row the QS Top Universities ranked Paris number one on its Best Student Cities list, based on the performance of universities and a student’s ability to find work after graduation.

10. Many Internship Opportunities Available

France is home to some of the largest corporations in the world, L’Oreal Group, Carrefour, Christian Dior, Hermes International, and Sodexo, to name a few. With the increasingly competitive international student market, France is one of the world’s major business hubs.  For students with an interest in Finance, Accounting, Management and Economics, France is a great graduate study destination.

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