7 Reasons Why You Should Study in the UK

7 Reasons Why You Should Study in the UK

Over 438,000 international students are enrolled in higher education in the UK.  In fact, the UK has the highest international student experience satisfaction ratings for English-speaking countries. As a student in the UK, you will enjoy a great lifestyle: beautiful countryside, historic sites, city life and music and culture.

We have compiled a list of 7 reasons why we think students should consider the UK as a study abroad destination.

Student discounts are in abundance in the UK!

The United Kingdom understands that students are living on a budget! You can find a student discount almost anywhere in the United Kingdom.  You can find student discounts on clothing, food, entertainment, health & beauty, travel, mobile phones, technology, plus bank account incentives.  And to make things even easier for students to get access to these discounts, there are websites, apps, online discount codes and discount cards available.  Here are a few websites we think you will find useful in your search for awesome student discounts:

 Aside from London there are many affordable cities where students can live and study affordably!

You will be happy to know that there are many affordable areas in the UK for international students.  In fact, the Global Student Accommodation Indicator was specifically launched to help students find affordable alternatives to popular study destinations in the UK. Not surprisingly, London was listed as one of the most expensive cities for students to live in the world.  However, London aside, the report revealed 19 cities in the UK where students can live and study quite comfortably on a tight budget. 

Degrees in the United Kingdom and most of Europe are more specialized than the US.

Rather than taking a bunch of general education courses your first year, you will focus on the subject you have chosen to study right from the start in the UK! All of your courses will be geared toward your subject of study.  When you apply to a program in the UK, you only take courses focused on that subject.  In the UK, there is a greater expectation, in terms of critical thinking and analysis within any given discipline, rather than a general familiarity like in the US.

 A Bachelor’s degree in the UK only takes three years to complete compared to an American four year degree.

Classes are also structured differently than in the UK. In US universities, the focus is on lectures, while in the UK the focus in on small-group teaching conducted in seminars of around 25 or more students. The UK also differs in that students have the option of completing a fourth year to gain a Master’s degree.

 You can study Medicine as an Undergraduate

You do not have to complete another degree first before starting a medical course in the UK. A full medical course of study is six years long at most UK universities.  If you would like to find out more about medical schools in the UK you can go to the Medical School Councils website.

 You can travel throughout Europe very economically!

Many of Europe’s low-cost airlines are headquartered in the United Kingdom, such as EasyJet, Thomas Cook, and Flybe.  Paris anyone? You can fly almost anywhere in Europe for under $50 if you reserve early enough, and even cheaper if you keep an eye out for specials.

 The United Kingdom is home to 93 of the world’s best universities based on the Times Higher Education World Rankings report for 2018.

In fact, the two most prestigious universities in the world are located in the United Kingdom, The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

 Tuition in the United Kingdom is offered at a fraction of the cost of most US universities.

In the US a single year’s tuition at a public university often costs over $25,000; at a private university, over $30,000; and at a private liberal arts college or an elite private university, over $50,000.  In the UK, tuition is lower and students can expect to pay anywhere from $14,000 to $38,000 annually at  universities throughout the UK.  However, a higher degree at a UK university is still considered more affordable than  its US counterparts.

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