Application Deadlines of Popular Study Abroad Destinations

Application Deadlines of Popular Study Abroad Destinations

 Applying to an international university is stressful enough without the worry of missing the application deadline.  For many programs, depending on their popularity, if you miss the deadline you may have to wait an entire year to reapply.  Therefore, It is very important that you keep track of all of the various deadlines between countries when applying to more than one international university.

In this article you can find application deadlines for most public universities in some of the most popular study abroad destinations in Europe. Most of the dates listed are for the 2018/2019 Fall semester schedule.  However, we have listed some deadlines for schools with Summer semester schedule deadlines as well.

Generally, universities set their own rules and deadlines for Master’s programs.  The deadline will most often depend on the type of education, institution, study program, an applicant’s country of origin and a few other factors. However, this information varies depending on the country and school.

If you have decided to apply to a certain Master’s program, contact the program director or admissions office to make sure that the information you have found is up to date and no changes are expected.

Country Application Period
Austria From June to September 2018 (varies by university)
Belgium (varies by university)

Non-EU/EEA by April 1st 2018
EU/EEA by June 1st 2018

Czech Republic EU/EEA
Winter Semester: from February to end of September 2018
Summer Semester: from June to end of February 2018
Winter Semester: from February to end of April 2018
Summer Semester: from June to end of September 2018
Denmark Bachelor’s due by March 15th 2018

Master’s (varies by university)

Estonia EU/EEA: from March to end of June 2018

Non-EU/EEA: from April 15th 2018 (varies by university)

Finland From November 15th 2017 to January 17th 2018
France Winter semester:  from October to end of January 2018
Summer semester: from February to end of September 2018
Germany Winter Semester: from May to July 15th 2018
Summer Semester: from December to January 15th 2018
Hungary Winter Semester: from June to November 15th 2018
Summer Semester: from November to February 15th 2018
Ireland From February 2018 to end of May 2018
Netherlands (Holland) From October 1st 2017 to May 1st 2018
Norway From December 1st to March 15th for most international students
Poland Winter Semester: from November to end of January 2018
Summer Semester: from April to end of July 2018
Romania From February to end of September 2018
Sweden Winter Semester: from October 17th to January 17th 2018
Summer Semester: from March 15th to April 18th
United Kingdom From September 6th to January 15th (Confirm with school actual deadline)

If you have missed some of the deadlines above, contact the university directly to find out if they have a ‘late applications’ option. If you have missed the deadline entirely, we recommend you contact the university or program director in case they may have some openings.  However, keep in mind, depending on your country of origin you may not be able to apply late in the process due your inability to get visa approval in time.

Moreover, some universities accept applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. If you’re concerned that you may have missed the boat, you may be able to find a university with a rolling admission policy still accepting applications. For more information on how to apply to an international university, read our article providing tips and tricks to help you through the process.

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