Earn a Full Degree Overseas

Earn a Full Degree Overseas

Many students are unaware that a semester or year abroad program is not their only option to overseas study.  There are thousands of full degree opportunities available at international universities throughout the world, offering a variety of programs  and language options.

Seven reasons for why earning a full degree overseas offers many benefits to students:

 You can save pennies on the dollar studying overseas.

US students are spending anywhere from $20,000 to over $50,000 dollars a year for a college education, while German students can attend most colleges in their country for less than a $1000 dollars a year. Higher education is subsidized by the government and in some countries, tuition is free or so low it seems free.  

Students will also find that the quality of education throughout Europe rivals the United States.  Take a look at the World University Rankings and compare tuition for the top international schools with the top US schools.  You may be very surprised by what you find!

You are in school overall for a shorter period of time.

Another way students are able to save on tuition costs overseas is because you are in school for a shorter period of time overall. Most Bachelor’s degrees overseas take three years to complete, compared to a four year degree in the US. While many Master’s programs can be completed in one year.

Getting an international degree overseas can also provide huge benefits to your career over your lifetime.

An international education will become more and more valuable due in part to an expanding global economy.  In addition to academic achievement, you may also experience career advancement by distinguishing yourself from other applicants by having international experience on your resume. You can find our article about why studying overseas is good for your career, here.

You gain confidence by learning your way around a foreign city and a new culture.

Studying abroad forces you to do many things.  You are forced to encounter unfamiliar situations when living in a new environment.  You will be making new friends, talking to strangers to ask for directions or guidance, you will be faced with new challenges everyday like learning how to open a bank account or change buses.  All of these experiences will ultimately lead to an increased sense of confidence.

You’re able to immerse yourself and learn another language.

When studying abroad it is fulfilling to communicate with local people in their own language. Speaking the local language help you understand the culture and become a part of it.  Your own understanding of the world  changes as well. Speaking the local language helps you immerse yourself and become more connected to your surroundings.

You learn many new skills while studying abroad and the best way to hone them is with a part-time job or internship.

Working while studying abroad will help you hone a variety of skills and competencies that might be cross-cultural, industry-specific, or transferable. It is also something that employers back home will find very attractive on your resume.

An international degree will ultimately be a life changing experience.

Studying abroad will challenge you in many ways.  You will be academically challenged through your studies, you will discover a new location, learn a new culture, make new friends from all over the world, and you may travel. All of these experiences will ultimately lead to personal development. You will leave your study abroad experience a different person.

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