Reasons Why Studying Overseas is Good for Your Career

Reasons Why Studying Overseas is Good for Your Career

The Institute of International Education (IIE) recently announced the results of a new study  that connects international education with the critical skills needed for employment in today’s workforce. The study showed that students studying abroad for longer periods of time has a higher impact on subsequent job offers and career advancement than studying for shorter periods of time. 

The study was administered to 4,565 study abroad alumni from U.S. universities who participated in a study abroad program starting from 1999 and onward. This time frame was chosen to focus the research on modern-day employment skills.  To reach a broad pool of respondents, IIE partnered with six study abroad organizations to distribute the online survey.  

Results from the study are provided below:

1) 68% percent of respondents reported studying abroad contributed to a job offer or promotion.

2) Respondents indicated that studying abroad opened career pathways and opportunities they had not previously considered.

3) Respondents expressed that studying abroad contributed to the development of transferable skills and positive employment gains.

4) STEM majors highly value the gains made in skills outside of their majors during their study abroad experience.

5) Among science majors that went on a program outside of the sciences, 47% reported their study abroad contributed to a job offer.

6) STEM majors described study abroad as an opportunity to gain “soft” skills that others in their field lack.

7) Respondents more advanced in their careers linked study abroad to career growth and reported being hired or promoted based on skills developed through international experience.

8) Respondents expressed that studying abroad had a positive impact on the development of a range of skills needed to thrive in today’s interconnected world.

Overall, the study determined that students who studied abroad for longer terms were more likely to report their experience as contributing to a job offer at some point. The study also revealed that studying abroad has a positive impact on the development of five top skills: intercultural skills, curiosity, flexibility/adaptability, confidence and self-awareness.  Skills gained through study abroad can be powerful tools for long term career success.

Source: “IIE Study Shows That Studying Abroad Has a Direct Impact on Skills Needed for Career Success” IIE.ORG

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