Scholarships for International Students to Study in Sweden

Scholarships for International Students to Study in Sweden

If studying in Sweden is on your wish list but your not sure if it’s within your budget, there are plenty of available scholarships for international students.  Students can find scholarships offered by the Swedish government and numerous universities located throughout the country to help fund your studies.  Some of these scholarships will cover tuition, living costs and even your travel costs. Other scholarships will help pay a percentage or all of your tuition costs.

Read more to learn which government and university scholarships are available to you: 

Institutional Scholarships

Swedish Institute Study Scholarships

The Swedish Institute awards full scholarships for international students from 138 countries.  These scholarships covers tuition fees, living expenses of $949 a month, a travel grant of $1,779, plus health insurance.

The Global Study Awards

Global Study Awards offers up to $13,393 to 9 students from around the world each year. For more information visit Study Portals by clicking the link provided above.

Rotary Scholarships

Rotary clubs offer scholarships for secondary, undergraduate, or graduate study. Rotary club scholarships are given by individual clubs and are open to anyone from any country. The minimum budget for a global grant scholarship is $30,000 which can fund the following: Passport/visa, Inoculations, Travel expenses (as specified in the grant terms and conditions), School supplies, Tuition, Room and board,  Household supplies, Language training courses (but not if university admission is contingent on improvement of language skills).

University Scholarships

Universities offer a range of different scholarship programs for international students to help cover tuition fees or living costs. The exact scholarships on offer vary between universities. Most universities offer students a tuition discount or a full tuition waiver. Follow the links below to find out more about available university scholarships and how to apply.

If the university you’re interested in is not listed here, try searching for ‘scholarships’ on their website.  Apply for scholarships today!


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