Seven Reasons Why You Should Pursue Graduate Studies Abroad

Seven Reasons Why You Should Pursue Graduate Studies Abroad

According to data from the Institute of International Education (IIE.Org), nearly 45,000 U.S. students are pursuing a graduate degree in another country.  With rising tuition costs in the US, students are looking to other countries with high ranking universities where tuition costs are free or nearly free. Students are also looking for valuable international perspectives that employers are looking for in potential employees. As the world continues to globalize, Europe will continue to lure students looking to enhance their international perspective and boost their resumes.

Keep reading to learn more about why pursuing a graduate degree overseas may be a good option for students looking to save money:

 1. Europe Rivals the US with Top Notch Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs

Students should not be skeptical of an international degree program or assume that a U.S. degree is better than a degree from another country.  In fact, many international universities rank higher than prestigious U.S. institutions such as the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford and are actually more affordable. Wherever you decide to study, a set of quality assurance procedures ensures that your degree meets specific standards agreed upon by more than 40 countries around the world. You can read more about the Bologna Process here.

 2. Students May Be Able to Use Financial Aid

Over 2000 international universities in over 40 countries are eligible for financial aid under the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. You can find a list of eligible schools here.

 3. Scholarships & Grants Available to International Graduate Students

There are many funding opportunities available to students interested in studying abroad.  Often times, many scholarships and grants go unawarded due to students not applying.  If you are a student interested in graduate study overseas, there are many governments, academic institutions and funding organizations offering scholarships and grants to help cover your tuition, housing costs, books and other expenses.  We have provided a list of several scholarships available to postgraduate students.

 4. International Universities are Adding More Programs Taught in English Every Year

If students are worried about a language barrier by attending an international university, they need not worry.  Students can find numerous programs taught in English in over 40 countries around the world and more programs are being created every year.

5. You Will Be Exposed to an Entirely Different Education System and New Ways of Learning

Different countries have different educational systems and students are likely to encounter different teaching methods.   One of the most beneficial aspects of an international program is a student’s exposure to the insights of people from a different country.  Classes will be very international and the different perspectives and experiences of the students will result in a very rich and meaningful learning experience.  Moreover, students will appreciate the broadened perspective from a different education system and learning material.

 6. Earning an Advanced Degree Overseas May Save You Time and Money

Most international postgraduate degrees can be completed in one or two years.   Students will save money with the shorter program duration and with the lower tuition fees overseas. 

7. You Will be More Attractive to Employers

Having international experience on your resume for longer than a semester abroad program will look good to employers.  If you are already employed and your organization has offices or clients in multiple countries your international experience will stand out among others without it. There are numerous studies that show how highly employers value cultural dexterity and a global perspective among the graduates they hire. You can read about one of those studies here.

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