How International Students Can Find Housing in Sweden

How International Students Can Find Housing in Sweden

Student housing can be challenging to find in Sweden and your options can vary depending on the city.  In university towns, such as Lund and Uppsala, and bigger cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, demand for rental properties greatly exceeds supply. It is important that you begin your housing search as soon as you receive your acceptance letter from the university. However, students do have a number of options from which to choose:

University Dormitories

Many universities will provide guaranteed housing to fee-paying Undergraduate and Master’s, International exchange and Erasmus program students.  However, universities do not guarantee housing to international Master’s, PHD or regular undergraduate students. If you fall into one of the latter three categories you will be responsible for finding your own housing.

Fortunately, international students have several options for finding housing. The first place to start is with the International Student office at your university.  If you start your search early enough you may be able to secure housing through your school.  Some universities may offer rooms that are privately rented out by the university.  If they do not have space, they can point you to off-campus residences halls or apartment complexes.  Some universities may have agreements with certain complexes offering reasonably priced rentals.

Off Campus Housing

A great resource for off campus housing is through your university’s Student Union office. They will most likely have a bulletin board with housing advertisements. A lot of the advertisements will be students looking for roommates or for sublet opportunities. The Student Union office may also have the inside scoop as to where the best off campus housing is located and which areas you should avoid.  Some student housing programs also offer temporary housing to students who are still looking for housing.

Lund or Uppsala

If you will be attending Uppsala or Lund University you will have access to the ‘Nations’, the two oldest student societies in Sweden. Uppsala and Lund University are the only two institutions in Sweden that have a Nation system. Along with the Student Unions, the Nation’s arrange welcome events for new students, student activities, and they also offer student housing.  To be eligible for housing you have to be a student to join one of the 13 Nations.  We have provided links to help you with your search:

Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmo

If you will be studying in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo you should start your search with the student housing companies.  While you may be placed into a queue due to the high demand for housing, if you sign up early enough you will maximize your chances for a housing assignment.  Essentially, the longer you are in the queue the more likely your chances of finding housing.

A list of housing companies are provided below:

SSSB ( Stockholm ) is free of charge and while the queue can be quite long you should give it a try.  Sometimes they offer last minute accommodation on a first come, first served basis.  You also do not need a personummer (personal number) to register.

Akademisk Kvart was created by the joint effort of universities, student unions and the city of Stockholm. Akademisk Kvart strives solely to communicate subleases which have a reasonable rent regulation in relation to students’ general economy.

Stiftelsen AF Bostäder ( Lund )

StudentBo ( Norrköping )

Studentstaden ( Uppsala )

Telgebostäders studentbostäder ( Södertälje )

Västgöta Nation ( Uppsala )

We have compiled a list of helpful online resources that may come in handy for finding housing in Sweden:

Blocket is probably the most well known website to find a rental in Stockholm. On average more than 100 rentals are posted daily and only in Stockholm. Most of the ads are for rooms.

Housing Anywhere – housing platform where people rent out rooms or flats to international students.

Eighteen05 (Stockholm) Private student apartment rentals

Towson Place Apartments – (Stockholm) Private student apartment rentals

The Local’s Noticeboard – The Local is an English paper in Sweden.  The noticeboard is packed with private advertisements for room and flat rentals, as well as people looking to find housing all over Sweden.

Residensportalen – Corporate and private housing, from small city apartments to large family homes. –  List of sublets available for rent. Swedish only. (Will need to use Google Translate)

Myplejs – helps people connect with others looking to sublet their flat or houses.

Easy Rental  – helps people looking for housing connect with landlords renting flats or houses quickly, since the housing market moves fast in Sweden. – landlords list flat and house rentals on this website.  However, it is in Swedish and will require the use of Google Translate or Chrome to convert to English.

Facebook Groups – are another option for finding housing in Swedin.  They have actually become quite popular over the years in helping students finding accommodation.

The most popular groups are:

*You will need to join these groups to have access to the information posted.

Youth Hostels

Youth Hostels are another option for students while looking for a more permanent housing arrangement.  They are also a nice place to make friends and meet other students who may also be searching for housing as well..

A list of websites listing youth hostels in Sweden:


Sweden has a tough housing situation.  Therefore, it is important that you start your search for accommodation as early possible!

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