Why I Chose to Study in Prague | A Student’s Perspective

Why I Chose to Study in Prague | A Student’s Perspective

Guest Post from Sean a graduate student studying Quantitative Economics at the University of Economics, Prague.


My name is Sean I am originally from Kamloops, B.C. Canada.  Right now, I am studying Quantitative Economic Analysis at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics at the University of Economics in Prague.  I have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from a private university in New York state.

How I Found the University & Application Process

I found the Quantitative Economic Analysis program online through extensive searches for quantitative study fields in Europe.  I spent some time in Europe after my bachelor’s studies and knew that I wanted to study my master’s degree here.  Applying to University of Economics in Prague wasn’t too difficult; the contact I spoke with at the faculty was very helpful and answered all the questions I had along the way. The two most difficult things for me were the authentication of my degree (according to Czech law) and the payment of the application fee.

There are two ways to have the degree authenticated one is to have it certified in the issuing state or have it done in the Czech Republic.  I had problems because I no longer lived in New York and my degree had to be certified there.  My degree was finally approved through the Czech authority and that problem was solved.  The second problem was paying the application fee which was difficult from my bank as the university didn’t take credit cards so I had to wire the money with great expense to myself.  Overall the application process was no more difficult than other programs I had applied to.

What it is Like to Study in Prague

Prague is a beautiful city; I love living and studying here.  The public transport system is amazing. It is way better than any I’ve ever experienced in North America.  There is always something going on in the city.  The people in the “touristy” part of the city speak English and are generally very nice.  Coming from Canada some Czech people take some time to get used to.  On the surface they can be less pleasant than I was used to especially in customer service type rolls.  The location as far as travel couldn’t be much better; it is easy to get to both Eastern and Western Europe and there are often cheap flights to further destinations.

The University of Economics, Prague

The people at the university have all been very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with.  Speaking about the Quantitative Economic Analysis program; it is challenging but I am really enjoying my studies.  The practical seminars included in most courses really show you how the theory can be applied to real life scenarios.  The professors have a high level of English and are some of the top academics in their respective fields in Central Europe which is something I really appreciate.  I have met and worked with many people from different countries which is always really exciting.

Cost Played A Role in My Decision to Study Overseas

Cost has also played a roll in my decision to study in Prague.  The tuition price in the Czech Republic is a lot lower than a similar degree in Canada.  The cost of living in Prague is also lower than Canadian cities and the dormitories are very inexpensive (although I don’t live in them anymore).  Many of my colleagues also have part time jobs with their student visas which helps with finances.

I recommend University of Economics in Prague especially the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics to anyone who is looking to take a small step outside of their comfort zone and study in Prague.

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