Czech Republic

Czech Republic

There are currently 42,000 students from around the world studying in the Czech Republic.  It has become an increasingly popular destination for international students for many reasons. The country has a long tradition of quality education, especially in the sciences, engineering and medicine.  Moreover, the country has 70 universities located all over the country offering a wide range of programs as well as many newly-emerging disciplines.  Students can also find over 1,000 accredited programs offered in English.



Institution NamePrograms in English
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague 1 Master´s
Academy of Performing Arts in Prague3 Bachelor´s
7 Master´s
2 Doctoral
Brno University of Technology4 Bachelor´s
7 Master´s
11 Doctoral
Charles University in Prague8 Bachelor’s
45 Master’s
159 Doctoral
2 LL.M.
Czech Technical University in Praque13 Bachelor´s
22 Master´s
11 Doctoral
Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague 9 Bachelor’s
20 Master’s
23 Doctoral
Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague1 Bachelor
1 Master´s
11 Doctoral
Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem 4 Bachelor´s
7 Master´s
4 Doctoral
Masaryk University5 Bachelor’s
16 Master’s
92 Doctoral
Mendel University in Brno6 Bachelor’s
8 Master’s
13 Doctoral
Palacký University Olomouc22 Bachelor´s
33 Master´s
30 Doctoral
Polytechnics Jihlava1 Bachelor´s (Finance and Management)
Silesian University in Opava1 Master´s (Master in Business Economics and Management)
3 Doctoral (Mathematics, Informatics, Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics)
Technical University of Liberec 5 Bachelor´s
9 Master´s
8 Doctoral
Tomas Bata University in Zlín 3 Bachelor´s
9 Master´s
8 Doctoral
University of Economics Prague3 Bachelor’s
7 Master’s
14 Doctoral
University of Hradec Králové27 Bachelor´s
11 Master´s
5 Doctoral
University of Ostrava 5 Bachelor’s in English + 1 in Italian
4 Master’s
4 Doctoral
University of Pardubice 3 Bachelor´s
4 Master´s
14 Doctoral
University of South Bohemia5 Bachelor´s
10 Master´s
15 Doctoral
University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno2 Bachelor´s
5 Master´s
15 Doctoral
University of West Bohemia21 Bachelor´s
26 Master´s
19 Doctoral
VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava11 Bachelor´s
16 Master´s
18 Doctoral

Important Facts

FREE tuition at Public Universities for Czech Speakers

Czech speakers from any country benefit from FREE tuition at all public universities in the Czech Republic.

 Programs in English

Public University

Bachelor’s and Master’s programs – $4,000 to $12,000 USD annually (amount depends on the institution and study program)

Private University

Bachelor’s and Master’s programs – $5,000 – $22,350 USD annually  (amount depends on the institution and study program)

Application Fees

Fees are nominal and can range from around $150 – $550

Application Process & Requirements in the Czech Republic


Application Deadlines

EU/EEA Students

Winter Semester – applications are due between  February and September

Summer Semester – applications are due between June – February


Non-EU/EEA Students

Winter Semester – applications are due between January and April

Summer Semester – applications are due between June and September


Applying to University

Students need to apply directly to the university of their chosen program.  Most Czech universities will have an English translation available of their website for students who do not speak Czech.  

Keep in mind when applying from abroad, you will need to provide the school with a certified copy of your previous level of education.

The minimum entry requirements include:

  • Letter of motivation
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Portfolio (program depending)
  • English proficiency test 


Recognition of Education Documents

The recognition process of your international education is called “Nostrifikace”.  It involves obtaining a document verifying that your education is equal to an education in the Czech Republic. The process involves the following steps:

  • To get your documents certified you will need to go through your local department of education to have the documents notarized.
  • You will then send your notarized documents to either the Ministry of Education in the Czech Republic or to the university to complete the Nostrification process.

If you are not sure how to begin the process of notarizing your documents, you should contact your school’s Registration department or local Department of Education.  You can also find general guidance on the Czech Nostrifikace website or find more information on the Ministry of Education website.



Student’s have the following options for financing their study abroad experience in the Czech Republic:


Financial Aid


The U.S. Department of Education makes Direct Un-subsidized Loans and Graduate Plus Loans available to eligible student borrowers at participating institutions in the Czech Republic. Students may apply for a Direct Un-Subsidized Loan up to $20,500 per academic year or a Graduate Plus loan (amounts vary).


A list of participating institutions are provided:

  •  Masarykova Univerzita
  • Univerzita Karlova v Praze, First Faculty of Medicine (The)




Czech Government Scholarships

The website  provides a comprehensive list of scholarships available to international students from around the world. The also offers a great list of available scholarships for students. 



Student Jobs


EU/EEA students are able to work freely within the Czech Republic. 

Non-EU students will require a student visa and an additional work permit. Permits are valid for a  maximum of two years. Students can reapply when they expire. However, pay rates are low and fluency in Czech may likely be required.



Non-EU/EEA Students – staying in the Czech Republic for longer than 90 days are required to have health insurance. You will be required to show proof of Czech health insurance when applying for a student visa. You must purchase a plan with a minimum coverage amount of $71,000 and it must be valid for entire length of your stay.  The insurance provider must also be contracted to work within the Czech Republic.  The following providers are recommended:



EU/EEA Students – If you have statutory health insurance from your home country, you can register for the EU health insurance card . You will need to contact your home country health insurance agency to have a card issued.

Visa Requirements

Students from outside the EU will have to apply for a visa through the Czech embassy or consulate in their country.  The entire process can take up to 60 days to complete.  It is recommended that you give yourself plenty of time to apply.

The following documents are required for receiving a student visa or a residence permit:

  • Application form
  • Acceptance letter from university
  • Valid passport and 2 passport photos
  • Proof of funds for length of stay(around $9,000 for students  in the form of a savings account, bank guarantee, scholarship or student loans.)
  • Confirmation of accommodation
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Registration at the Foreign Police Department is required for all foreign students staying in the Czech Republic for more than 30 days. You must register within 3 days of arrival into the country.

Student Housing Options in the Czech Republic

Students have many housing options in the Czech Republic.  Housing options range from student dormitories to private apartments. 


Most universities offer student housing on campus in the form of student dormitories.  This is the most affordable housing options for students in the Czech Republic. Students can expect to pay around $143 a month for on campus housing. Students are recommended to inquire about housing as soon as possible as spaces can fill up quickly.  Students are also required by most universities to pay a deposit to secure accommodation. 

Apartment Rentals

For students looking to live off campus there are several website geared toward student off campus housing. There are also several expat websites providing insights on how to find affordable housing in the Czech Republic, such as and

We have compiled a list of websites providing off campus housing to international students: 

University Spotlight

The University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) is the leading university in the fields of economics, finance, business and management in the Czech Republic. VŠE offers a broad spectrum of programs and courses taught in English, which are available to both international and Czech students. Read more…