Study Music and Dance Therapies in Heidelberg Germany

Study Music and Dance Therapies in Heidelberg Germany

Music Therapy and Dance Movement Therapy are modern forms of treatment for people with a wide variety of life challenges across the lifespan. Commonly grouped under “creative arts therapies” or “expressive therapies,” they are increasingly popular in the fields of mental health, developmental disabilities, medical care, dementia care, rehabilitation, and many others. Music Therapists and Dance Movement Therapists work with individuals and groups to promote, improve, and restore health, by engaging clients/patients in music and movement experiences.

Study in Heidelberg

Heidelberg is a classical German university town. For centuries it has been a place of learning and research in a wide variety of fields. Heidelberg has a vibrant cultural life outside of academia, of course, and people from all over the world come here for its beauty and culture. The two main institutes of higher learning located here are the University of Heidelberg and SRH University Heidelberg.


SRH Heidelberg University

At SRH University Heidelberg, the creative arts therapies are located in the School of Therapeutic Sciences, one of six schools. Degrees in music therapy have been offered here since 1979 and in dance movement therapy since 2013. Beginning in 2018, we are excited to offer our master’s degrees (M.A.) in Music Therapy or Dance Movement Therapy in English!

Music and Dance Therapy Programs in English

At SRH Heidelberg University, we pride ourselves on our collaborative spirit. Much of the curriculum in the music therapy and dance movement therapy degrees is shared, which promotes active collaboration on projects and research. Additional collaboration is also possible with students of physical therapy (physiotherapy) and occupational therapy, which are also housed in the same school. Students can earn their M.A. in two years, including clinical training and the final thesis. While SRH University Heidelberg is a private university, our tuition fees are still more affordable than comparable universities in many English-speaking countries. In addition to affordability, SRH University Heidelberg offers an international student body, international exchange opportunities, and the chance to continue your studies on the PhD level at affiliated universities worldwide. For more information on our programs, please visit the homepage of SRH University Heidelberg’s English-language programs:


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